Hopsi-slide in the Hopsiland on the Planai | © Sunkid


Hi, it's me - Hopsi!

If you still don't know me, now's the time to meet me!
My new home, Hopsiland, is right on the
peak of the Planai
Visit me at the highest
situated play area 
of Styria!
See you soon!

"Hopsi" larks around on the WM-Mountain Planai

Since 1982, our WM-Mascot “Hopsi” is known as the hero amongst our younger guest’s. He build himself a home on top of our mountain: the “Hopsiland”.

There is lots to explore on the 1.5 kilometres long circular hiking trail.

Hopsi is waiting for you at the bottom station to welcome you into his home – the highest-lying playground in Styria. Maybe you’re lucky and are able to grab one of our four Hopsi-Gondolas for the ride up the mountain? That would be fun! Once up, Hopsi shows you all of his super-fun playing stations. Also, he knows all of Planai’s little secrets and the best trails to explore the mountain and the beautiful nature surrounding it.

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From the marble run to Schladming’s crystal

The circular trail starts at the gondola’s top station, is 1.5 kilometres long and suitable for strollers. Along the trail following Hopsi’s tracks, you can find lots of swings, slides, climbing elements, a three-part marble run and Hopsi’s own “water world” featuring a lake and new installed flumes. The perfect place for a refreshing dip in the water on hot summer days!

One of Hopsi’s favourite places to be is the gigantic piste caterpillar made from wood. He likes to think about the winter on the Planai even when it’s hot and summery outside – logical right? Next to the caterpillar, our old Dachstein-Gondala invites to play, climb and have fun.

More marble fun at the Kasalm

Hopsi build his own little “Alm” at the bottom station of the Hopsi Express. With its indoor marble run and slides, the Kasalm is the perfect place to wait out rainy days. 

Hike and Bike for the little ones

In-midst of our Hopsiland you can find this year’s newly build bike area. Why don’t you combine your visit to the Hopsiland with some bike training as well? It’s great for first attempts on the mountainbike. You can find a bike rental on-sight, too.