© Josh Absenger


Boundless snow enjoyment!

Whether you are an Alpine professionalboarder or a family group - there are great attractions on the Planai & Hochwurzen to fit every taste, age & need!

Our top highlights

High up in the superpark Planai | © Roland Haschka
Superpark Planai "Aim high" is the motto in our perfectly formed Park!
Ski-fun on the Funslope Hochwurzen - Planai & Howchwurzen | © Roland Haschka
Funslope Hochwurzen Ski fun with chicanes, tunnels & small jumps!
© Christine Höflehner
Hopsi's Winter Wonderland Fun & games in the Hopsi's children winter wonderland!

More than just winter sports!

In addition to our parks & video areas, the pistes on the Planai & Hochwurzen offer many more attractions to discover over the course of a skiing day:


The Echo Piste is approximately 600 m long.

Along this route, a range of musical sounds accompanies you as you carve, weave and turn.

The latest sound technology provides unparalleled listening pleasure, and wide pistes complete the music & snow ski pleasure!

Piste 1


Stunning views at the Dachstein and the surroundings of the Planai’s pistes. In addition, the new Planai Steirereck is equipped with elements such as a klopotec, over-sized wooden chairs and a giant green heart – a perfect "selfie spot " for holiday snaps.


At the Lärchkogel-Mountain Station, at the start of Pistes 4 and 5.


The Fast Sprint Section is equipped with permanent speed measurement. A glance at the timing board tells you your personal best.

And it's free!

The permanent racing sections on the Planai and Hochwurzen provide 25 direction gates, a 120 meter height difference and ski times of 20 to 30 seconds - Pure World Cup feeling!

Speed sections: Fastenberg 6 and Hochwurzen Piste 32
Racing sections: Planai Piste 2 and Hochwurzen Piste 37



Enter your Ski Pass number and we will show you the height you have traveled, the lift routes and the kilometers of piste of your skiing day, via a Skiline altimeter diagram. 

WHERE? It's very simple: Online here! Skiline terminals right at the Planai World Championship Park cash tills.