Biking with view. | © Roland Haschka


Out with the old and in with the new

We used our break and are ready to start the summer 2020 at the Bikepark Schladming with 35 kilometres of pure trail fun.

Our new 10 seat gondola comfortly transports you up the Schladminger Planai. You can take your bycicle with you in the gondola as well.

Everything the Bikepark has to offer at one glance

  • Bike area (super easy) around the Märchenwiese. It's perfect for beginners as you can train your mountainbike skills on three different tracks - rookies (green), beginners (blue), and advanced (red).
  • Our Flowline (easy) starts at the Planai top station and leads you through a beautiful blueberry field first, before showing you larch and spruce forests. The track includes a slight declivity and leads you all the way to Planai middle station.
  • The Jumpline - 99 Jumps (difficult) is the holy grail for whipper and styler. It's 3.5 kilometres long and offers lots of air time on perfectly build jumps that are between 3 and 8 metres long. If that's not enough for you, you can turn onto the Proline towards the end. There, monster jumps up to 12 metres are waiting for you.
  • Singletrail Fairy Trail (easy) offers a medium declivity and is a perfect trail for e-bike riders.
  • Downhill - Rookie (medium) is a great way to start your downhill experience. Its trade marks are a lot of curves and easy jumps.
  • The Downtown Line (medium) features a break sand surface and a couple of easy hurdles such as tables, small step ups, and small step downs.
  • Our Singletrail Jack Lumber (very difficult) is the first northshore trail at the Bikepark and is equipped with lots of steep transversal descendts as well as root carpets. This trail is for experienced riders only. 
  • Downhill Pro (difficult) is Austria's longest downhill trail on the Planai and therefore, well-known. It starts at 1.830 metres height and can be reached with the Planai gondola. You're going through tranquill surroundings, past the reservoir, and all the way down to middle station which is at about 1.325 metres height. There, you'll find a washing area and all the tools you may need.
  • Downhill Worldcup (extremely difficult) top to bottom - here you are following into the footsteps of Gee Atherton and Sam Hill who both already won the world cup at Planai. It's not for the faint-hearted!
  • Downhill Advanced (difficult) was built around the Downhill Worldcup. It offers the possibility to avoid the hardest parts of the before mentioned trail.

Biking school Pekoll

The biking school was founded by the downhill expert Markus Pekoll and is situated at the Planai Stadion. There, experienced downhill specialists are happy to take you in and hone your skills. Beginners can make their first swings in the Bike area under the careful watch of their coaches. Then, you can advance to the Flowline which offers detours and extra bypasses. It's perfect to train your technique and get tips from your coaches. Advanced downhill riders can hone their skills alongside their trainers on the Jumpline.

Contact information:

Biking school Pekoll
Coburgstraße 52
8970 Schladming
Telefon : +43 664 75117703

Bike Center

The Bike Shop Alpreif can also be found a the Planai Satdion. There, you can find everything you need - starting with the  helmet and the biking equipment all the way to the perfect clothes. You can either rent or buy the equipment.

Contact information:

Alpreif GmbH
Coburgstraße 52
8970 Schladming
mobile: +43 3687 2410030

Hiking holiday with the family on the Planai & Hochwurzen in Schladming | © Tom Lamm
Tickets & Prices These are our Summer prices!
Drive downhill on a 7 km long gravel road on the Hochwurzen. | © Tom Lamm
Mountain-GoKart 7 km of pure go-kart-fun on the Hochwurzen!
You can reach 70 km/h with the e-carts.  | © Planai-Bahnen
Kart-Race Schladming Ready to start the first E-go-kart track in Styria!