The fascination of flying at Flightpark Planai | © Planai/Alexander Kluensner


The fascination of flying at Flightpark Planai

Fly like a bird, without an engine and noise. Anybody can fly! With an experienced pilot by your side this dream can come true for you!

Starting points are at the Planai middle station, the Planai mountain station or for the very brave ones and only in ideal conditions at the Dachstein Glacier - It is definitely an exhilarating experience.

The current wind values can be found here >

Info and registration for tandem flights:

Flugschule Aufwind, Ramsau

Tel.: +43 3687 81880


Paragleitflugschule Airsthetik, Schladming

Tel.: +43 660 8877440

Flugsportschule Sky Club Austria, Gröbming

Tel.: +43 699 12332211